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How to Order Furniture Online 

At Nook & Cottage we want your online shopping experience to be easy, straight-forward, and most of all FUN! We’ve put together a little guide with some things to be thinking about both before and when you’re ready to purchase from us (or anywhere else online).


Preparing to Order

Measuring for Furniture

It is very important to measure correctly and carefully prior to ordering furniture. The measurements for our products can be found in the product description. Please note that measurements are approximate to within ¼ inch so you will need to allow a little extra space for added security.

You will also want to take into consideration the dimensions of doorways, entryways and spaces with banisters or corners along the path your furniture will be delivered. Take into account any obstructions that may hinder you from getting your furniture into place.

It's important to note that if a delivery is refused because items do not fit, the customer is usually the one responsibly for any restocking fees and round trop shipping costs. Taking a little time up front to measure will help you avoid this costly mistake!  

Colors & Finishes - Know What to Expect

Most of the products you'll find at Nook & Cottage are made from solid wood and/or natural materials. Any time you are working with natural elements, it is important to be aware that there may be slight variances from product to product. As a result, the item you receive may not appear exactly as pictured.

  • Wood: Imperfections or variations in the grain, color, or sheen of the wood may occur naturally. Stain color may appear lighter or darker due to variations in the grain and color of the wood. Furniture with a distressed finish may have marks and spots that are not considered damages and are done on purpose to create the distressed look.
  • Stone: Finishes such as marble and granite may differ in color and veining.
  • Leather: Variations in the color, sheen and texture (wrinkling and natural marks) of leather may occur due to different dying and tanning processes and natural phenomena.

These naturally occurring characteristics are not viewed as damages or defects, but are intended to be treasured and appreciated.

It is also important to note that images of products displayed online may differ in color due to   individual   screen/monitor settings as well as differences in lighting in the room you place the furniture in.

At Nook & Cottage, we work with our partner furniture manufacturers to obtain the highest quality photographs of the products and present our products   as accurately as possible. 

Finish & Fabric Samples

Requesting a sample is the next best thing to seeing the actual piece of furniture in person. It provides an opportunity to see a representation of a particular aspect of the product, whether it be the product's finish, fabric, etc.   This is incredibly helpful for online furniture purchases when you don't have the opportunity to see the actual piece in a store or showroom.

  • Color - Samples enable you to see and feel a small piece of the product and bring it to the space where you intend to place the furniture - particularly helpful if you're trying to match an existing color scheme or finish.
  • Quality - Samples provide a much better indication of quality that a picture can. Being able to touch and see a sample in person will give you an indication of the quality of the materials used in the piece of furniture you are considering. 

At Nook & Cottage, we have finish samples available for many of the products we have listed on our site. To request a finish and/or fabric sample, email us at   with the product name and SKU number.

PRO TIP: Fabric and finish samples may vary slightly from each production run. The actual piece you receive may vary slightly as a result. If you are planning to purchase multiples of a particular item (such as dining chairs), it is always best to purchase them at one time to keep colors/textures/etc as consistent as possible.

Is it In-Stock?

It's pretty helpful to know if an item you're interested in is in stock, before you spend lots of time dreaming of how it's going to fit in your space.

Our website provides the availability of most items based on inventory reports we receive directly from the brands we work with. However, as on any site, there can be slight variances in the inventory count from what is shown, due a variety of factors.

To confirm stock of a Nook & Cottage product, please send us an email at   with the product name and SKU number and we'll be happy to double check for you! 

In the event that an item is not available at the time your order is placed, we will notify you promptly. At this time, you will then have the option to (1) cancel your order, or (2) if more inventory is on the way and you wish to wait, your item will be pre-ordered and sent to you as soon as new stock becomes available. Nook & Cottage will provide you with the estimated ship date for all pre-orders so you can decide if you'd like to proceed with your order. 

In-Stock items are usually shipped within 1 week. You can also find detailed lead time information on each product page under the "Shipping & Returns" tab.   If any exceptions apply to what is stated on our website at the time of purchase, we will contact you.

Furniture Assembly

Is a little elbow grease required to bring your beautiful piece to life? At Nook & Cottage, some of our furnishings require assembly. In most cases, if assembly is required, it will be noted in the product description of the item. However, we recommend checking with us if this is an important factor in your purchasing and/or delivery decision.

To inquire about assembly, please send an email to along with the product name and SKU number.


Submitting Your Order

Be sure to review all items, quantities, and sizes in your shopping cart prior to ordering. After submitting an order with Nook & Cottage, you will receive an email confirmation. Please also review this carefully to ensure accuracy and to avoid any problems with your order.

Once your order is placed with us, we submit the order directly to the manufacturer on your behalf. When this is completed, Nook & Cottage and thus you, as the customer, become financially obligated to purchase the ordered merchandise from the manufacturer. Any cancellation of the order after this point will need to follow our   Return Policy.


After Your Order Is Submitted

Order Confirmations & Shipping Updates

At Nook & Cottage we believe that good communication is key to great customer service, so we work hard to keep you apprised and up-to-date with the status of you order - from purchase, to delivery, and beyond. Here’s what you can expect to hear from us (via email):

1. Order Confirmation
2. Shipping Confirmation
3. Shipping  Update (if a tracking # is added)
4. Shipment Out for Delivery
5. Shipment Delivered

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please don’t hesitate to call us directly at 844-824-2137   or email Be sure to include your order number so we can better assist you.